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Our Goal at American Elimination of Debt, LLC. is to get you totally out of debt.

AED was established to provide consumers a lawful and legal remedy to the out of control credit card problem in this country.

Many debt relief and credit restoration companies claim to offer a solution to people’s credit card debt problems but in most cases they simply take the money and never resolve anything for the consumer.

We at American Elimination of Debt offer the consumer the opportunity to eliminate any unsecured personal credit card debt.

We also believe this is the best option in most cases and we will work with our clients in an honest and professional manner.

American Elimination of Debt has been in business for over 20 years. AED is built solidly around the most current relevant laws that govern this issue. We are offering the most powerful debt elimination solution by using Federal Laws, Banking Laws and Supreme Court rulings, and other legislation passed by Congress.

We at AED understand and we want to give you the hope and deliverance you desperately need and desire.

We want to work with you and our legal departments works with various laws and procedures that are here to protect you from those who want to violate your rights.

We want to offer our services by analyzing your individual situation and to make recommendations on the best solution for you. AED will give you the positives and negatives you may encounter therefore giving you the best information to make a well educated decision.

We believe the positives of eliminating your unsecured credit card debt greatly outweigh the negatives.

Please call one of our helpful representatives now for a free consultation.

When in college I lived well beyond my means. Credit was very easy to obtain and I was able to get student loans. I made purchases I should have not done because it was so easy to just put it on the credit card. I have spent the last 5 years paying off the debt that occurred while in college. AED help me get my feet back on the ground and has improved my credit score. Dawn B. Dallas, TX

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